Mobile ID App Features

ID123 App Features
No Internet connection required

Works Offline

Take your own photo

Take your own ID Photo

Cloud Storage

Encrypted Cloud Storage

Barcode Scanner

Built-in Barcode Scanner

Scannable Barcoded ID Card

Scannable Barcode

Two-Factor Authentication
Automatic ID Card Expiration
Automatic Expiration
Touch ID Security
Touch ID
Can save multiple ID cards
Add Multiple ID Cards
Quick view app widget
Quick view Widget
Front and back ID card display
Front & Back Card Display
Deep linking
App 2 App Deeplinking
Deep linking
White Label
Deep linking
Hologram Animation

Administrative Web Features

Available for Institutions through the ID Management System (IDMS)

Customize card colors
Customize Card Design
Use your logo
Upload Institution Logo
Personalize card input fields
Personalize Info Fields
Control card expiration dates
Set Expiration Dates
Import data
Import Card Data
Set security measures
Set Security Questions
Generate unique barcodes
Email Card Invitations
Revoke ID cards
Revoke Invalid ID Cards
Managed issued cards
Manage Issued ID Cards
Photo validation
Photo Moderation
Multi-user login
Multi-User Login
Email activation codes
Auto Generated Barcodes
Set user permissions
App Activity Email Alerts
ID card renewal
Card Renewals
ID card renewal
ID Photo Zip Upload
IDMS Features

ID123 Feature Lab

Features that are currently being worked on and Coming Soon

Features Lab
Set user permissions
Role-Based Permisions
ID card renewal
Request Card Renewal
text message notifications
Text Notifications
App push notifications
Push Notifications
App push notifications
Digital Signature
Email activation codes
Auto Data Sync
ID card renewal
Barcode Identity Exchange
text message notifications
Bluetooth Identity Exchange
App push notifications
Apple Wallet
App push notifications
Crypto Tools

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