Attendance Tracking

It’s no secret; tracking attendance is a necessary but time-consuming part of a day for all types of institutions: schools, businesses, clubs, etc. However, the days of taking attendance on a piece of paper or a computer are over. The future of attendance tracking is mobile. Schools can issue digital ID cards to students allowing them to check in and out of classes in less than a minute making attendance less time consuming for teachers. Employees can clock in and out of work automatically or with the push of a button in the app allowing them to focus on what’s important.

To get started, claim your institution by submitting our “Claim Institution” form. If necessary, you’ll be asked to add your institution first. After claiming your institution, you will receive access to your account on the ID Management System. There you can choose whether you want to control the issuance of digital ID cards or let users self-issue their photo IDs by downloading our Free App on their IOS or Android device.

3 Different Attendance Tracking Solutions:

Barcode Scanner Check-in

Displaying a Mobile Barcode to Check-in

A barcode scanner enables you to scan digital ID cards in just a few seconds. A barcode scanner app Codereadr can be used for better user experience. (Each ID has a countdown/clock for the day and time so it cannot be cheated).

Scan a Barcode To Check-in

Scan a Barcode to Check-in

Daily generated barcodes can be displayed on a monitor. Upon arriving, users can scan that barcode through the ID123 app on their device to be marked as present for that day.

(This feature is in beta. Contact us to enable it)

Track Attendance Via Bluetooth Device

Bluetooth Beacon Check-in

Set up your Bluetooth beacon in the room. This feature automatically checks in all people attending class, work or event that have card configuration.

(This feature is in beta. Contact us to enable it)

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