Digital Bus Passes

The challenge #

Many schools face a lack of a visual verification with their shuttle bus services to control who can use their school buses. Providing students with a physical ID card may be a good solution for current students. However, when students graduate, drop out or change schools they can still use their plastic ID cards. With ID123, schools can issue mobile student ID cards as bus passes that can be remotely deactivated or deleted from the students’ phones at any time.

Our solution #

Digital bus passes can be issued through our ID management system and sent via email. Students can install their new bus passes through our mobile ID app. If required, the card can display a hologram animation to prevent students from presenting a screenshot of someone else’s bus pass.

The ID management system also allows school administrators to set expiration dates for when the digital bus passes should expire. When the expiration date and time arrive, the card will automatically expire in the app and the student will no longer be able to use it. Additionally, school administrators can renew expired or soon to expire digital bus passes in bulk or one-by-one.