Email Mobile ID Cards

Administrators can efficiently issue mobile ID cards via email.

Select the mobile ID card recipients: #

After importing the cardholders’ data into your ID Management System account, you can select the recipients you wish to email the mobile ID cards. You can send cards in bulk or one by one.

Customizable email template invitation: #

You can tailor the email ID cards invitation template to contain special instructions and information about your institution. This way, your cardholders will recognize that it is an official institution email.

Manage sent mobile ID cards in the card dashboard: #

You can view the mobile ID cards that you previously sent on the Card Data Dashboard page. This will allow you to keep track of the people you have already sent email invitations to.

Reduce Shipping Costs when issuing mobile ID cards: #

You can cut shipping costs and make it easier for your cardholders to obtain their digital ID cards when sending them via email. Just a few clicks and their mobile ID card is in their hands!