ID Photo Moderation

Approve or deny ID photos in the ID Photo Moderation Panel.

Moderate ID Photos #

With the photo moderation feature, admins can review, approve, or reject newly submitted ID photos that are uploaded from the app by the cardholder. Admins can choose to receive a notification for all new pending photos that are awaiting approval.

Notify Cardholders #

If a photo is rejected, the administrator can send an email notification to the cardholder explaining the reason for the rejection right from the ID Management System. The cardholder may then be able to resubmit a new photo and wait for it to be reviewed by the admin.

Review ID Photos Later #

If an administrator is unsure on whether a photo should be approved or denied, they can choose to have it reviewed for later. The administrator can then simply review the photo later or get help from one of their colleagues to review it with them.

Stay organized #

Administrators can keep track of all of the ID photos that were moderated. Depending on each action taken by the admin, the photos will be placed under either the Approved, Denied or Under Review section in the Photo Moderation Panel.