Unless your institution specifies otherwise, we recommend following these few guidelines for receiving the best experience from our app.

Keep it Simple.

The most important part of your ID is your face

No Sunglasses

No Sunglasses

No Image Filters

No Filters

No Masks

No Masks/Face Paint

Taking the ideal ID photo

Taking a Good ID Photo

For the best results look directly at the camera lens and make sure that both the top and bottom of your head are visible (including hair).

As eyes are one of the faces most defining features, keeping them open would be ideal.

Selecting an Image From an Album

When choosing a photo from your album it is best to avoid using any photos that have been edited with any filters that may change the way you look (examples: black and white, sepia, any Snapchat filter, etc.) Also, something to keep in mind is that you are supposed to be the primary focus of your ID so uploading a photo with multiple people in it may be frowned upon for most institutions. 

Selecting an image from an album