Create and manage digital ID cards with our administrative web portal.

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Digital ID card for students

Schools can issue digital ID cards to students, teachers, faculty, volunteers, guests and parents.

Digital ID cards for businesses

Employers can issue digital IDs to their employees, partners, contractors, vendors, clients, customers, guests, and employee family members.

Digital ID cards for memberships

Membership organizations can issue digital ID cards to their members, prospective members, volunteers, staff, vendors, guests, and family members.

Digital ID Card Management System


A system for creating, issuing, and managing digital ID cards

Customized Mobile ID Card Design

Administrators can set the standard ID card design for the entire institution. Customization of ID cards includes a logo, background and font colors, info fields, and type of barcode.

Secure Issuance and Management of Mobile IDs

Administrators can control the issuance of digital ID cards by adding security and validation features to prevent fraudulent ID creation. They can also manage all issued cards and revoke invalid IDs.