Digital ID Card App & Management System

A cloud-based platform that enables institutions to issue and manage digital ID cards stored in the mobile app.

Digital ID card App and Web Platform
Digital ID Card Management System

Digital ID Card App

Cardholders can use one of our mobile applications to install their digital ID card and conveniently store it on their mobile device.

Our digital ID card apps work offline and offer multiple layers of security to protect user identity and prevent ID fraud.

ID Management System

Schools, businesses, and membership organizations can use our cloud-based platform to create, issue, and manage mobile ID cards remotely.

The ID Management System provides access to various features allowing card administrators to have full control of the installed mobile ID cards.

Digital ID Card Management System

Customer Success Stories

See how customers around the globe use our solution to transform their institutions

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The [digital bus] pass and the response has been great so far! I am looking forward to seeing more students activate their cards as they return to campus.

Trent U

Patti Kidd

TrentU Card Manager
Trent University

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ID123 has been a game changer for our small non-profit. The transition has been easy for our members and the support from ID123 has been phenomenal.

Westgate Cabana Logo

Kurt Schumacher

Westgate Cabana