Digital ID Card App & Management System

An all-in-one digital identity solution for issuing and managing digital ID cards

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Digital ID Cards and Management System
Digital ID Card Management System

Digital ID Card App

Cardholders can use one of our mobile applications to conveniently store the digital ID cards issued by a business or institution.

The mobile ID app works offline and offers multiple layers of security to protect personal information and prevent fraud.

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ID Management System

Businesses and institutions can use the ID management system to create, issue, and manage mobile ID cards remotely.

The ID management system is a cloud-based platform that enables ID card administrators to have full control of their issued and installed digital ID cards.

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Digital ID Card Management System
Digital ID Card Management System

Data Sovereignty

We store data in various regions in order to assist our international customers to comply with their regional data sovereignty laws. Some data is separated geographically with data servers physically located in different regions. For example, we have data servers in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Other data is separated logically until physical data servers are installed in those regions.

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Customer Success Stories

See how customers around the globe use our digital ID solution to transform their institutions

The [digital bus] pass and the response has been great so far! I am looking forward to seeing more students activate their cards as they return to campus.

Patti Kidd
TrentU Card Manager

Westgate cabana

ID123 has been a game changer for our small non-profit. The transition has been easy for our members and the support from ID123 has been

Kurt Schumacher
President at Westgate Cabana

ID123 has been a life saver for our College. Our account representative is very knowledgeable of the product and very helpful. I’m glad our College uses ID123.

Daymesha Reed
Student Life Coordinator

Issuing digital membership cards to our members using ID123 has been a great choice for our organization. ID123 makes it easy and their customer service is incredible!

Erica Benjamin
Director, Member and Chapter Relations

Our company has been using ID123 for six (6) months now and have loved the accessibility and effectiveness of having digital ID cards we can download and update in just a few clicks.

Abigail Harris
Compliance and Licensing Coordinator

A saving grace for us, from our humble beginnings of individually printing each student card, acquiring student postal addresses, to arranging delivery with a stakeholder up to a point of tracking and endless back and forth emails with students regarding when they shall receive their student cards.

Lisanda Tyopo
Online Mentor