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Employee ID Card

Business · Government · Nonprofit

Businesses can easily and securely issue and manage digital Employee ID cards

Claim Your Business

Claim your Business

Business owners will submit a request to Claim their Business. We will confirm their identity and if the request is approved, they will receive access to the ID Management System (IDMS).

Customize Your Digital ID Cards

Update ID Card Design

IDMS allows administrators to update the ID card design using the company logo and colors. They can also select the barcode type and customize card data fields.

Quickly and Securely Distribute Activation Codes To Your Employees

Activation Codes

Distribute unique activation codes to your employees. These unique codes will prevent non-employees from creating fraudulent IDs.

Manage All Issued Employee ID Cards

Admin issued IDs

Manage all active employee ID cards.  See their usage. Remove invalid IDs. Integrate with 3rd party systems.

Employee ID · Business ID · Guest ID

Employees can create their own digital IDs using the data from their plastic ID cards.

Download the ID123 Digital ID card app

Download the App

Download our Employee ID App on the App Store and Google Play. You will be asked to register and select your business to create your first digital ID card.

Locate your place of business

Find Your Business

Locate your business by using the company name, zip code or your current location. If you have trouble locating your business, Add your Business request can be submitted.

Take your own ID card photo

Take Your Picture

You can take your own ID picture using the built-in camera on your device or select an image from your photo library. We recommend using our guidelines for the best ID photo results.

Use the data from your current plastic ID card your new digital employee ID card

Add ID Number

Using the data from your current plastic employee ID card, fill out the form for your new digital employee ID. That’s all it takes!

Your Business With a Digital Employee ID

Innovative businesses are utilizing the benefits of going digital with their ID cards

Track Attendance Using Your Digital ID

Temporary IDs

Issue temporary ID cards to contractors, interns and guests with preset expiration dates. Expiration dates can range anywhere from hours to years and can be updated at any time.

Secure ID cards can control access to resources, events, buildings etc.

Verify Access

Secure access to floors, buildings or company resources by scanning and validating the barcode with a known database of employees.

Access IDs in the Cloud

Cloud Access

You never have to worry about replacing a lost or stolen ID card. IDs can be accessed or revoked on any of your employees’ devices.

Send Notifications to Your Employees

No Wifi Needed

The App doesn’t require a network connection to use ID cards stored on the device.

How it Works

Get a custom employee ID app for your business

White Label The ID123 App To Look Like Your Schools ID App

A custom employee ID card app will allow your company to have personalized app icon, colors and logos to better represent your business. Learn more about custom id card applications.