Digital Employee ID Cards

Digital ID cards that can be issued to employees, contractors, and interns.

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Digital Student ID Card

Import Card Data

Add employee card data via CSV or one by one. If you are uploading cardholder data via CSV, you can choose to sync data to overwrite existing card records.

Issue ID Cards

Issue mobile ID cards to your employees by sending bulk emails through our ID Management System. Add expiration dates for temporary workers and interns.

Manage Installed IDs

Renew cards that have expired instead of issuing new ones. You can also temporarily deactivate, archive or delete digital ID cards that are no longer valid. 

Temporary Digital ID Cards

Employee ID Cards

The administrative web portal, or ID management system, allows business administrators to issue mobile ID cards to employees, contractors, as well as temporary workers.

Admins can issue digital ID cards via email and set expiration dates if necessary. Issued ID cards will automatically expire in the app when the set date and time arrives. Installed IDs can also be temporarily or permanently deactivated at any time.

Popular ID Features for Employees

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