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Digital Employee ID Card

Digital Employee ID Cards for Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations

Businesses can manage digital employee ID cards through the ID Management System (IDMS) and employees can install them on the ID123 mobile app.

Claim Your Business
Step 1

Business owners can request to add and claim their business. If approved, they can start managing digital employee ID cards through the ID Management System.

Customize the Digital ID Card Design
Step 2

Customize ID Card Appearance

By setting a custom card design, administrators can upload their logo, choose background and font colors, set custom info fields and choose a preferred barcode.

Issue Employee Digital ID Cards
Step 3

Issue Employee ID Cards

After cards have been customized, administrators can start issuing digital ID cards to their employees, contractors, interns, vendors, and even guests and family members.

Manage Installed Digital ID Cards
Step 4

Manage Installed ID Cards

Administrators can set expiration dates, renew, revoke and have full control of the installed ID cards from their account on the administrative portal.

Temporary Digital ID Cards

Temporary ID Cards

The administrative web portal, or ID management system, allows business administrators to issue temporary ID cards to interns, guests, contractors, and temporary workers.

They can set expiration dates to their digital ID cards which will make the cards automatically expire in the app. Installed digital ID cards can also be temporarily or permanently deactivated at any time.

Employee ID Features

Issue Digital ID Cards Via Email

Issue Cards via Email

The ID Management System (IDMS) allows administrators to issue multiple digital ID cards at once by sending bulk card invitation emails to their employees.

Auto Generate Barcodes

Auto Generate Barcodes

After selecting a preferred barcode type, administrators can auto-generate barcode values for their digital ID cards to save time and make sure they are unique.

Hologram Animation Displayed On Digital ID Card

Card Hologram

Administrators can verify that their ID cards are active by displaying a hologram animation on the card. This allows them to ensure that the ID card is not a screenshot.

Self Issued-Employee ID Cards

Self-Issued Employee ID Cards

If preferred by the administrator, employees can search for their organization in the app, upload their ID photo, and fill out their personal info to create their new digital employee ID card.

Approve or Deny Employee ID Photo Submission

Employee ID Photo Submission

If necessary, admins can turn on photo moderation and allow app users to submit their ID photos for approval before using their card.

Security Questions

ID Validation

Admins can set security questions to prevent people that are not affiliated with their institution from creating fraudulent ID cards.

Works Offline

Works Offline

App users don’t need to be connected to the internet in order to use their previously installed digital ID cards on their device.

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