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Enable your cardholders to securely store digital ID cards on their mobile devices with our user-friendly mobile app.

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Digital Student ID Card

Digital ID Card Solution

Convenient and easy-to-use ID cards stored on the mobile device.

Digital ID Card App

App Security

Offering multiple layers of security to protect user identity and prevent fraud.

App Accessibility

Creating accessible apps for all users and enabling institutions to be compliant with accessibility laws. Learn more about App Accessibility

Types of ID Cards

Mobile ID cards designed for any industry.

Employee ID

Digital employee ID cards issued by businesses and organizations.

Member ID

Digital member ID cards issued by associations and clubs.

Union ID

Digital union ID cards issued by trade and labor union associations.

Resident ID

Digital resident ID cards issued by town and city authorities.

Student ID

Digital student ID cards issued by high schools, colleges, and universities.

Alumni ID

Digital alumni ID cards issued by colleges, universities, and alumni associations.


Professional ID

Digital professional ID cards issued by licensing and certification authorities.

First Responder ID

Responder ID

Digital Responder ID cards issued to first responders and their families.

Available on Google Chromebook


Compatible with Chromebook and tablets

It is becoming more common for each enrolled student to use an electronic device in order to access digital course materials and school services. Our mobile application is supported on a wide variety of devices, tablets and laptops, including Android, iOS and Chromebook.

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Multi-Language Support

The ID123 App is currently available to users in the following languages:

English (US)






Identity Authentication

Choose from a variety of authentication options to ensure that only authorized individuals are able to install their digital ID card on their mobile wallet app.

ID Verification

App Reviews

Highly rated and loved by users based on 1,000+ reviews

Bruce M.

Easy as pie to set up and use. Great idea!

5 Star Rating

Owen B.

App works as intended every time, easy set up, overall no complaints!

5 Star Rating

Roxanne Q.

Awesome to know that it cannot be replicated by screenshot.

5 Star Rating

Avi A.

Great. A godsend; I wish my city offered digital transit passes for everyone, not just students.

5 Star Rating


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Digital School Bus Passes

Digital School Bus Passes

School administrators can issue digital student IDs as transit or bus passes. Incoming students don’t have to wait in long lines to receive their new bus passes when they can get a digital pass right from their phone.

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Mobile ID cards

Online Student ID Cards

Technology has opened a path for people to study from wherever they want. There are millions of online students around the world who are improving their skills, changing careers, or learning a new language online.

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Temporary ID cards

Temporary ID Cards

Are you a business administrator in search of temporary digital IDs for your workers? If you are looking for temporary ID cards that can be issued and managed through a web portal, this post is for you.

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