A system for creating, issuing, and managing Digital ID cards

custom ID cards

Customized ID Card Design

Administrators can set the standard ID card design for the entire institution. Customization of ID cards includes a logo, background and font colors, info fields, and type of barcode.

custom id card colors

Edit Background & Font Colors

id card logo

Upload your Institution Logo

personalized id cards

Personalize Info Fields

id barcode type

Select Barcode Type

Note: Unclaimed institutions will not have customized ID cards.

Secure Issuance and Management of IDs

Administrators can control the issuance of digital ID cards by adding security and validation features to prevent fraudulent ID creation. They can also manage all issued cards and revoke invalid IDs.

id management system
id card security

Set Security  Questions

id card activation

Send Card Activation Info

import id card data

Import Card User Data

id management

Review & Manage Active IDs

revoke id cards

Revoke No Longer Valid IDs

Note: Unclaimed institutions will have self-issued cards.