Cookie Policy

Last Updated: 05/24/2018

In accessing our website, you may encounter our use of a technology called “cookies.” A cookie is a small piece of data that a website asks your browser to store on your device. These cookies are used in order to remember information about you, such as your language preference or login information. Cookies are able to track other specific information that may help ease your user experience.

More specifically, we use cookies and other tracking technologies for the following purposes:

  • Assisting you in navigation;
  • Assisting in use of live chat widgets;
  • Assisting in using our website to register for an account;
  • Analyzing your use of our products, services or applications;

Below is a detailed list of the cookies we use on our website. Our website is scanned with our cookie scanning tool regularly to maintain a list as accurate as possible. We classify cookies in the following categories.

  • Performance/Analytics Cookies
  • Functional Cookies

You can opt-out of these cookies, but functionality will be limited.

Cookie ValueIDDurationDescription
.id123.io_ga2 yearsPerformance/Analytics. Google Analytics Used to distinguish users.
.id123.io_gatsessionPerformance/Analytics. Google Analytics Used to distinguish users.
.id123.io_gidsessionPerformance/Analytics. Google Analytics Used to distinguish users.
www.id123.ioginger-cookie1 yearPerformance/Analytics. Compliance Plugin.
pubsub.rtschannel.comiosessionFunctional. Chat use.
pubsub.rtschannel.comSERVERIDsessionFunctional. Chat use.
pubsub.rtschannel.comtest_cookiesessionFunctional. Chat use.