Digital Resident ID Card App

Resident ID app is a digital ID wallet used by town and city residents to store the digital ID cards issued by their town or city.

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Who Needs a Resident ID Card?

Resident ID or municipal ID cards issued by cities and towns can be used by residents to access resources, such as pools, recreation centers, beaches, golf courses, and library services. People that don’t have state-issued IDs can use municipal IDs as proof of identification to local businesses and government services that accept it. Additionally, cities and towns can give local businesses a way to identify local residents by using resident ID cards so they can provide them with discounts.

Manage Digital Resident ID Cards from Anywhere

Administrators can send card invitations individually or in bulk. Once residents receive their card invitation email, they can install their cards onto their mobile devices using the Resident ID app. Every card can be set to automatically expire. Once an ID card expires, these expiration dates can be extended for a period of time or set to an entirely new date. Upon updating the expiration date, the user’s ID card instantly updates in the app to reflect the new expiration.

Issue ID Cards Remotely

Issue ID Cards

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Renew ID Cards Remotely

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Digital ID card for Residents

Go Green with Digital Resident ID Cards

Towns and cities are going green by offering resident IDs digitally. The Resident ID app stores municipal ID cards on mobile devices making them more useful and convenient for residents, and better for the environment. Additionally, cities and towns can go paperless by sending important notifications directly through the app instead of using mail.

Users can Submit and Update ID Photos from the App

With the Resident ID app, residents can take or upload their ID photos directly in the app. These photos can be moderated by town officials before they appear on the card and can be changed at any time.

Send Alerts Directly to Residents’ Mobile Devices

Town officials can send notifications, updates, card expiration reminders, and emergency alerts using our in-app messaging tool.

Upload ID photos

ID Photos

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Resident Push Notifications

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