What’s New

Feb 21, 2018

IDMS Version 1.3

  • New Card Template Builder – Data Sources have been added for quick and easy template customization. Now, depending on the data source selected, card settings will be pre-populated.
  • Card Expiration – A feature to set expiration dates to ID cards. Cards will be automatically revoked on users’ phones after the expiration date.
  • Code 39 Support – Added support for Code 39, in addition to previously supported QR code, Aztec, PDF417, Code128.
  • Edit Self-Issued Card Data – Manually editing self-issued card data for specific cards has been implemented.
  • Support for different Date formats – We’ve added support for different date formats to be displayed on the card.
  • Delete Card Templates – A button to delete card templates has been added. However, deleting card templates will only be allowed if all cards associated with the template have been deleted.

App Version 1.3

  • New Dashboard design – A new design of the Dashboard has been implemented.
  • New Settings page – Settings page has been updated.
  • New “My Identity” page –  New genders added: transgender, non-conforming.
  • New Filters page – Added Country Selector to the Filters page.
  • Search by Country – Users can now search for their institution by Country.
  • Support for zip codes with spaces – Added support for zip codes with spaces (e.g. ON 2347).
  • Face ID recognition on iPhone X – iPhone X users can now unlock their ID app using facial recognition technology.

Nov 17, 2017

IDMS Version 1.1

  • Photo Moderation Panel – A moderation system for images taken by users that allows administrators to review and approve or deny them.
  • Restrict Updating Photo – Administrators may also restrict app users from changing their photo ID’s
  • Temporary Card Deactivation – A feature to temporarily deactivate a card without removing card data record.
  • Manually Add Card User Data – In addition to importing user data via a CSV/TVS file, administrators can now do it manually, one by one.
  • Edit Imported Card User DataEditing imported data for a specific card has been implemented.
  • Support for JPG – Image URLs can be uploaded in both PNG and JPG file formats.
  • New Card Template Builder – A modern user-friendly system for customizing ID card design, with examples and tool tips.
  • New Institution Type – “High School” has been renamed to “School (Pre K – 12)” to include all school levels.
  • Parent ID – Schools can now create ID cards for parents.

App Version 1.1

  • Widgets – A new way to view card data has been added to the widget screen.
  • My Identity – Refactored ‘My Profile’ to ‘My Identity’.
  • 3D Touch features – Access to ‘Identity’ widget and option to create card built right away into 3D Touch.
  • Rear Camera flash – Rear Camera flash issue was fixed.