What’s New

Nov 29, 2018

IDMS Version 1.7

  • ID Photo Zip Upload – Import multiple ID photos at once by uploading a zip file. The system can also retrieve zip files from a server or a file hosting service (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).
  • Bulk Email Issuance – Issue digital ID cards by sending card invitation emails right from our IDMS.
  • Improved Photo Moderation Process – When the photo moderation feature is enabled, new cards will be disabled until an ID photo is approved by the administrator.
  • Improved User Interface – We added a new card status “Uninstalled” to let administrators know when the card has been uninstalled from the app user’s device. We also provided instructions at the top of the page defining each card status and made a few other improvements to the “View Card Data” page.
  • Improved CSV Import Functionality – Administrators are no longer required to match card fields every time a new CSV is imported. The system will remember previously matched fields of the last CSV import.

July 24, 2018

IDMS Version 1.6

  • Improved User Interface – We simplified the Card Builder’s interface to make the card issuance process smoother and faster for Administrators. We’ve also re-structured the Card Data dashboard to make it easier for admins to view the status of each card. Lastly, we’ve simplified the process when manually adding data to the Card Data dashboard.
  • Added ‘Email Preferences’ Page – The Administrative Owner can now subscribe/unsubscribe account administrators to receive email notifications based on various app user activities and updates/changes made in the ID Management System.
  • New Barcode Features: Auto-Generate Barcode – Administrators now have the option to enable our system to auto-generate barcode values for them. Hide Barcode – Admins can now choose to hide the barcode in the app.
  • New ‘Form Preview’ – In the Card Builder, administrators can now preview the form that app users pre-fill before adding their card to their device.

App Version 1.6

  • New Card Restriction Function –  Once a card is installed on a user’s device it can not be installed on another user’s account, unless permitted by the administrator. This is to help prevent identity theft and fraud within the app.
  • New Expiration Icon – App users can now view the time and date on when their card expires.
  • New Accessibility Functions – We’ve expanded our accessibility functions to further facilitate the user-experience for those with a disability.
  • Enhanced Search Option – We’ve improved our search options to make it even more effortless to find an institution.

May 31, 2018

IDMS Version 1.5

  • Improved User Interface -We made major improvements to the user interface in such components as the Card Templates page where you manage your card templates, the Card Builder where you design your ID cards, and the CSV Imports page where you view the status of your data import.
  • Added ID Card Slider – We added an ID card slider enabling more fields to be displayed on the card. Each card can have up to three slides: Front, Secondary and Back.
  • Simplified Deeplink Functionality – Administrators can now preview deeplink formats from the Card Templates page.
  • Made User Authorization Unique per Template – User authorization is now unique per template rather than per account. This means that administrators can use the same Unique Identifier/Security Question 1/Security Question 2 combination in several templates on their IDMS account.

App Version 1.5

  • Improved Registration Process – We made it easier for app users to authenticate themselves with just a click of a button in their email instead of manually entering the verification code. Additionally, we no longer require Date of Birth or a Photo to register.
  • Simplified Add and Claim Institution Process – Disabled zip code field for countries that don’t support zip codes on all web forms add Institution and claim institutions etc.

Apr 20, 2018

IDMS Version 1.4

  • New Expiration Date settings – Introduced card expiration functionality to enable administrators to show an expiration date on the card.
  • Time Zones for Card Expiration – Enabled different time zones for Card Expiration settings
  • Card Renewals – Added functionality for renewals of expired cards.
  • Card Template Builder Update – Minor updates on the card template builder to improve user experience.
  • Email Updates for Card Data Import – Implemented sending of email updates of total imported and failed card records during Card Data Import.
  • Live Chat Support – Added live chat support on IDMS.

App Version 1.4

  • Improved ID Card Dashboard – Introduced Full Card View.
  • Identity Exchange Barcode Scanner – Introduced a new feature to scan QR codes for specific actions that require identity exchange between the user and institution.
  • ID Photo Peek and Pop View – Peek and Pop View was introduced for viewing images on the card, as well as profile.
  • Expiration Date Display on Card – Expiration data can be displayed on the card in user’s timezone or specific timezone set by an administrator.

Feb 21, 2018

IDMS Version 1.3

  • New Card Template Builder – Data Sources have been added for quick and easy template customization. Now, depending on the data source selected, card settings will be pre-populated.
  • Card Expiration – A feature to set expiration dates to ID cards. Cards will be automatically revoked on users’ phones after the expiration date.
  • Code 39 Support – Added support for Code 39, in addition to previously supported QR code, Aztec, PDF417, Code128.
  • Edit Self-Issued Card Data – Manually editing self-issued card data for specific cards has been implemented.
  • Support for different Date formats – We’ve added support for different date formats to be displayed on the card.
  • Delete Card Templates – A button to delete card templates has been added. However, deleting card templates will only be allowed if all cards associated with the template have been deleted.

App Version 1.3

  • New Dashboard design – A new design of the Dashboard has been implemented.
  • New Settings page – Settings page has been updated.
  • New “My Identity” page –  New genders added: transgender, non-conforming.
  • New Filters page – Added Country Selector to the Filters page.
  • Search by Country – Users can now search for their institution by Country.
  • Support for zip codes with spaces – Added support for zip codes with spaces (e.g. ON 2347).
  • Face ID recognition on iPhone X – iPhone X users can now unlock their ID app using facial recognition technology.

Nov 17, 2017

IDMS Version 1.1

  • Photo Moderation Panel – A moderation system for images taken by users that allows administrators to review and approve or deny them.
  • Restrict Updating Photo – Administrators may also restrict app users from changing their photo ID’s
  • Temporary Card Deactivation – A feature to temporarily deactivate a card without removing card data record.
  • Manually Add Card User Data – In addition to importing user data via a CSV/TVS file, administrators can now do it manually, one by one.
  • Edit Imported Card User DataEditing imported data for a specific card has been implemented.
  • Support for JPG – Image URLs can be uploaded in both PNG and JPG file formats.
  • New Card Template Builder – A modern user-friendly system for customizing ID card design, with examples and tool tips.
  • New Institution Type – “High School” has been renamed to “School (Pre K – 12)” to include all school levels.
  • Parent ID – Schools can now create ID cards for parents.

App Version 1.1

  • Widgets – A new way to view card data has been added to the widget screen.
  • My Identity – Refactored ‘My Profile’ to ‘My Identity’.
  • 3D Touch features – Access to ‘Identity’ widget and option to create card built right away into 3D Touch.
  • Rear Camera flash – Rear Camera flash issue was fixed.