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Digital Student ID Card

Digital Student ID Cards for Universities, Colleges, and High Schools

Through our ID Management System (IDMS), school administrators can issue digital student ID cards which can then be installed on the ID123 mobile app.

claim school
Step 1

Administrators can claim their school’s account to request access to the ID Management System (IDMS) where they can issue and manage digital ID cards.

customize ID
Step 2

Customize ID Card Design

Administrators can set a custom ID card design for their institution. Card customization includes a logo, background and font colors, info fields, and barcode.

send cards via email
Step 3

Issue Student ID Cards

School administrators can send card invitation emails to issue new digital ID cards to their students through the ID Management System (IDMS).

manage installed IDs
Step 4

Manage Installed IDs

Our ID Management System (IDMS) allows administrators to set expiration dates, renew, revoke, and have full control over issued ID cards.

Digital ID Cards for Parents and Teachers

Digital Parent and Teacher IDs

In addition to student ID cards, school administrators can issue digital ID cards for parents and teachers. They can also improve campus safety by creating temporary IDs for school meetings and events.

If preferred by the school administrator, parents and teachers can self-issue their own digital IDs by locating their school in the app, taking or uploading their ID photo, and filling out the info fields of their new digital ID card.

Digital School Bus Passes

School administrators can issue digital student IDs as transit or bus passes for their campus shuttle. Incoming students don’t have to wait in long lines to receive their new bus passes when they can instantly obtain a digital pass right from their phone.

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Digital School Bus Passes

School ID Features

Claim Your School

Automatic Expiration

School administrators can issue digital student ID cards with preset expiration dates. They can set cards to automatically expire at the end of the semester, year or at a specific date and time.

Design Your Own Customized Digital ID Card

Card Animation

Verify that cards are active by displaying a hologram animation on all issued ID cards. This provides administrators with more security by allowing them to check that the ID is not a screenshot.

Send Digital ID Cards Via Email

Bulk Email Issuance

Our ID Management System (IDMS) allows administrators to instantly issue digital ID cards for their students by sending card invitation emails, making their card issuance process easier.

Zip Upload Digital ID Photos

ID Photo Zip Upload

Administrators can import multiple student ID photos at once using zip file upload. We can also retrieve zip files from a server or a file hosting service (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.). 

Approve or Deny App ID Photo Submissions

In-App Photo Submission

Administrators can review and approve or reject new ID photos submitted by students, parents, and teachers.

Security Questions

Security Questions

Administrators can add security questions to prevent non-students from creating unauthorized digital ID cards.

Works Offline

Works Offline

The app doesn’t require a network connection to use digital ID cards that have been previously installed on the device.

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