Digital Student
ID Cards

Digital student ID cards that can be issued to high school, college, and university students.

Digital Student ID Card

Import Card Data

Import cardholder data via CSV or add it one by one. During the CSV import, you can import new card data and choose to update or ignore existing records.

Issue Student ID Cards

Send card invitation emails to issue new mobile ID cards in bulk or one by one. You can customize the email template to include instructions or contact info.

Manage Installed IDs

Renew expired IDs or deactivate no longer valid ID cards. With the ID Management System, you have full control over the installed digital ID cards.

Digital ID Cards for Parents and Teachers

Digital Parent and Teacher IDs

In addition to student ID cards, school administrators can issue mobile ID cards for parents and teachers. You can also improve campus safety by creating temporary IDs for school meetings and events.

If preferred by the school administrator, parents and teachers can self-issue their own digital IDs by locating their school in the app, taking or uploading their ID photo, and filling out the info fields of their new digital ID card.

Digital School Bus Passes

School administrators can issue digital student IDs as transit or bus passes for their campus shuttle. Incoming students don’t have to wait in long lines to receive their new bus passes when they can instantly obtain a digital pass right from their phone.

Digital School Bus Passes
mobile ID card for online students

Mobile ID Cards for Online Students

School admins can issue digital ID cards to their online students via email. With a few clicks in the ID Management System, mobile student ID cards can be emailed to online students individually or in bulk at no extra cost!

Compatible with Chromebook and tablets

It is becoming more common for each enrolled student to use an electronic device in order to access digital course materials and school services. Our mobile application is supported on a wide variety of devices, tablets and laptops, including Android, iOS and Chromebook.

mobile ID card for online students

Popular Student ID features

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