Digital Student
ID Cards

Digital student ID cards that can be issued to high school, college, and university students.

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Digital Student ID Card
Digital School Bus Passes

Student ID Cards

With digital student ID cards, students don’t need to carry their plastic student ID with them at all times. A digital student ID card can be used for visual verification, to prove your affiliation with a particular school. Additionally, when integrated with other systems, it can be used to check in to classes and events, pay for lunch, access campus buildings, and more. Students can also opt-in to receive important messages and alerts from their school via push notifications.


Student Data Privacy

The Student ID cards and ID123 platform are designed to protect each student’s personal information and educational records and meet federal and state data privacy laws, including:



SOPIPA and more…

Digital ID Card Management System
Digital School Bus Passes

Digital School Bus Passes

School administrators can issue digital student IDs as transit or bus passes for their campus shuttle. Incoming students don’t have to wait in long lines to receive their new bus passes when they can instantly obtain a digital pass right from their phone.

Mobile ID Cards for Online Students

School admins can issue digital ID cards to their online students via email. With a few clicks in the ID Management System, mobile student ID cards can be emailed to online students individually or in bulk at no extra cost!

mobile ID card for online students
Digital ID Cards for Parents and Teachers

Digital Parent and Teacher IDs

In addition to student ID cards, school administrators can issue mobile ID cards for parents and teachers. You can also improve campus safety by creating temporary IDs for school meetings and events.

If preferred by the school administrator, parents and teachers can self-issue their own digital IDs by locating their school in the app, taking or uploading their ID photo, and filling out the info fields of their new digital ID card.

One-Click Suicide Hotline and Crisis Support

Support the mental health and safety of students by adding suicide prevention hotlines, domestic violence hotlines, and any other crisis hotline or emergency contact information to your digital ID cards. Any phone number or website added to the digital ID card is clickable and will instantly take the student to that website or dial the phone number. Digital ID cards provide a better and faster way for students to access the support resources they need with the information only one click away. Do more than just comply with suicide prevention legislation!

Digital ID Cards for Parents and Teachers

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