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Membership Digital ID Card

Digital ID Cards for Membership Organizations, Associations, and Clubs

Memberships can remotely issue and manage mobile ID cards through our ID Management System. To start, follow the steps listed below

Step 1

Customize ID Card Design

Set a custom design for your digital ID cards. Customization includes a logo, card hologram, font and background colors, barcode, and more.

Step 2

Import Card Data

Import member data in bulk by uploading a CSV file or add it individually. When uploading a CSV file, import new card data and update or ignore existing records. 

Step 3

Issue Member ID Cards

Send mobile ID cards to your members via email, either in bulk or one by one. You can set expiration dates to let cards automatically expire in the app.

Step 4

Manage Installed IDs

Renew cards that have expired or are about to expire. Additionally, you can temporarily deactivate, archive or permanently delete no longer valid ID cards.

Membership ID Features

Issue Membership ID Cards Via Email

Issue Cards via Email

The ID Management System allows administrators to issue digital ID cards via email. Emails will contain custom links to install cards on the ID123 app.

Set Expiration Dates on the Digital ID Cards

Set Expiration Dates

Administrators can issue digital ID cards to their current and prospective members that will automatically expire on a specific date and time.

Deactivate Digital ID Cards Temporarily

Temporarily Deactivate Cards

Membership administrators can temporarily deactivate and re-activate digital member ID cards at any time. Cards will be instantly updated in the app.

Approve or Deny ID Photo Submissions

Member Photo Moderation

If preferred, administrators can moderate the new ID photos submitted from the app. Cards will be disabled until the first photo is approved.

Members can Self-Issue Digital ID Cards

Self-Issued Membership ID Cards

If preferred, admins can let their members self-issue their own ID cards in the app by filling out the fields and uploading their photo.

Add Security Questions to Digital ID Cards

ID Card Verification

Membership administrators can add security questions before cards can be installed in the app to prevent fake ID creation.

Add Hologram Animation to Digital ID Card

Digital ID Card Animation

Admins can add a hologram animation to their cards. This can help them verify that the ID cards are not screenshots.

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