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membership id card

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Groups can easily issue secure digital IDs to their members

Claim Your Business or Group

Claim your Club

Administrators will need to fill out a form to Claim their Organization. Upon verification of their identity and affiliation with the institution, they will be granted access to their account on the ID Management System (IDMS).

Customize Your ID Cards With Your Own Colors

Customize IDs

Card Design can be customized for all membership ID cards. Administrators can add their logo, update card colors, and set custom card fields. They can also add different security levels for various types of memberships.

Distribute Activation Codes

Deliver PIN Codes

Administrators can distribute activation PIN codes so that members can securely create their membership ID cards. This prevents invalid or fraudulent membership ID card creation.

Step 4: Manage All of Your Issued ID Cards

Oversee issued IDs

Remotely manage all active membership IDs. You can remotely add, update remove or temporarily disable each ID as your membership base changes.

Member ID · Trial Membership ID · Guest ID

Members can self-issue their digital membership IDs using data from their plastic ID cards.

Step 1: Download the ID123 App

Install the App

The Membership ID App is available on both the App Store and Google Play. All new users will be asked to register a new account.

Step 2: Locate Your Club or Group

Find Organization

App users can search for their membership organization by name, zip code or current location. For organizations that can’t be found, a request to “Add your Membership” will need to be submitted.

Step 3: Self-Provisioning ID Cards Let You Take Your Own ID Photo

Take a Selfie

Users can take their own ID photo using their device’s camera or select an existing one from the photo library. This photo will be used for identity verification when checking in.

All It Takes To Activate Your New Digital Membership ID Card

Add Member ID

Users will need to transfer their personal data from currently issued plastic ID cards by entering their member ID, name and other required information into the app to create a Digital Membership ID Card.

Your Club with Digital Membership ID Cards

Modern Day Clubs are Unlocking the Beneficial Features of Digital ID Cards

Track Attendance Using Your Digital ID

Temporary IDs

Issue temporary IDs to prospective members with predetermined expiration dates. Expiration date can range anywhere from 24 hours to yearly memberships.

Save your member IDs to a secure cloud

No more lost IDs

Members never need to worry about losing their ID cards again. IDs can be accessed or removed from any device.

Access Control

Access Control

Control access to areas, events or club resources by scanning and validating the barcode in the App with a known database of member IDs.

Access IDs without an Internet Connection

No Wi-Fi, No Problem

The App doesn’t require a network connection to use ID cards stored on the device.

How it Works

Get your own membership ID app for your 0rganization

White Label The ID123 App To Look Like Your Schools ID App

A custom membership id card application will allow your membership organization to customize the app icon, colors and logos in the app to make it look like your own. Learn more about custom ID card applications.