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Simplify Digital ID Card Installation with SSO

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Author Andrew
Andrew Reed Oct 17, 2023

S ingle sign-on (SSO) is one of many authentication methods available across the ID123 platform. Taking advantage of SSO allows users to authenticate themselves using one set of secure credentials and access multiple applications within the institution’s ecosystem. This simplifies the login process and reduces the burden of managing multiple sets of usernames and passwords, rather than requiring users to log in separately to each application. SSO achieves this by utilizing a centralized authentication mechanism that validates the user’s identity and grants access to authorized applications. By logging in once to a central identity provider users can access any application or service that is part of your institution’s SSO ecosystem including the ID123 Digital ID Card App.

Improve your User Experience

Using single sign-on, app users can log into their mobile wallet app and install their digital ID cards using their existing credentials from their organization’s identity provider. This eliminates the need for users to authenticate themselves by answering security questions before receiving their credentials. As a result, users can access their mobile ID cards and their benefits faster while streaming the onboarding process of new users and increasing the adoption of ID123’s digital ID card across your organization.

Increased Security

Single sign-on provides a more secure authentication mechanism than traditional security questions or username and password authentication. With SSO, users are only required to authenticate themselves once during the digital ID card issuance process. Once authenticated, credentials are stored securely in a central identity provider such as Google, Microsoft Azure, and Okta. This reduces the risk of password reuse or weak passwords that are easily guessable and can ensure that only authorized users are able to access their digital ID cards. SSO can even be combined with other multi-factor authentication methods available in the ID123 platform such as an Access Code and Personal Security Questions to further enhance the security of your digital credentials.

Maintain Compliance

As your organization continues to grow, the process of maintaining user permissions can become a serious challenge. Often time there are rules and regulations such as HIPAA that your organization is required to maintain compliance with. Single Sign-On can help ease this burden by simplifying the process of provisioning users access to the applications in your institution’s ecosystem. Whenever a user is added or removed from your institution’s central identity provider their access to applications within your institution’s ecosystem will automatically follow suit including the ID123 mobile credential which can be automatically activated or deactivated according. This not only reduces the burden on your administrative team of remembering to deactivate and active users across all your institutions but also helps to assure that ID123 remains secure and compliant as your organization continues to grow.

While ID123’s digital ID card provides significant benefits to your organization, taking advantage of single sign-on as an authentication method in collaboration with the digital ID card can further enhance your user’s experience and institution’s security. Single Sign-On provides a more simplified and secure issuance process to your users unmatched by traditional authentication methods while assisting you in maintaining compliance with local rules and regulations.

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