attendance tracking

Attendance Tracking

Digital ID cards allow users to check-in and out of classes, work or group events automatically using their mobile devices and making attendance less time consuming and hassle-free.

access control

Access Control

Secure access to buildings, floors, events, and resources by scanning and validating the barcode with a known database of employees or students.

secure issuance

Secure Digital ID Issuance

Control the distribution of ID cards by sending unique activation codes. Prevent non-users from creating invalid ID cards.



Simplify the distribution of ID cards and control which devices they are installed on.

in-app ID photo

Take Your Own Photo

Users can take their own ID picture using the built-in camera on their device or select an image from their photo library.

secure cloud storage

Secure Cloud Storage

Allows you to safely store, recover or delete any ID cards remotely, in the case of a lost or replacement device.

send notifications

Send Notifications

Send notifications to your users’ mobile devices about school or office closings and special events.

emergency tracking

Emergency Tracking

In an emergency, a digital ID card can be used to quickly make sure all students/employees are present and identify who is missing.

digital IDs

No More Lost IDs

Users never have to worry about losing their ID cards again. IDs can be easily accessed or removed from any of their devices.

works offline

No Wi-Fi, No Problem

No network connection needed to use digital ID cards that have been stored on the device.

temporary IDs

Temporary Digital IDs and Guest Passes

Issue temporary ID cards or guest passes that have preset expiration dates.

control issued IDs

Oversee Issued Digital IDs

Remotely manage all active ID cards. You can remotely add, update, remove or temporarily disable any issued IDs.