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Why should your organization start issuing digital membership ID cards?

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Author Meg Regan
Meg Regan May 12, 2021

Membership ID cards identify and verify active members of organizations and professional or recreational clubs. They are used for memberships including club, gym, association, alumni, and hotel & resort memberships. Digital membership ID cards are replacing plastic ID cards. This makes it easier and more cost-effective for organizations to issue and manage ID cards. Furthermore, members can access their digital ID cards anytime to securely verify their memberships using their mobile devices without having to carry a physical ID card in their wallets.

Benefits of issuing digital membership ID cards

Administrators Can Issue and Manage ID Cards Remotely

Membership organizations can use the cloud-based ID Management System to issue and manage digital ID cards remotely and online. When a member joins your club or association, rather than shipping out an ID card, administrators can easily send a card invitation via email to the new member. Upon receiving the email invitation, the new member can follow the clear set of instructions to download their ID card onto the Membership ID app using their mobile device. Also, administrators can manage cards entirely in the ID Management System. Administrators can set and update card expiration dates, renew cards that have expired, deactivate, archive, or permanently delete ID cards. Thus, organizations no longer need to print and ship out ID cards every time there’s a change to the cardholder’s information. All changes made in the ID Management System are instantly reflected on the member’s ID card stored in the Membership ID app.

Administrators can Set and Update Expiration Dates

Adding expiration dates to ID cards is an easy and effective way to ensure only valid ID cards are used. In the ID Management System, administrators have the ability to set and update expiration dates. Once members pay their membership fees, for example, administrators can easily log in to the ID Management System and update the members’ ID cards to reflect the membership renewal. If a member’s card expires, it is no longer usable. When a card expires, card animation features are automatically turned off and the card’s barcode becomes greyed out. This strips the card of its authenticity and scanning abilities.

Administrators can Send Messages To Members Directly to their Mobile Devices

Administrators can communicate with members by sending messages to their members’ mobile devices. These in-app messages can alert members about closings, reminders, upcoming payments, events, or schedule changes. Additionally, links and phone numbers sent through this messaging system are clickable. When a member clicks on the link or phone number, they are redirected to that specific website or phone number. Furthermore, rather than individually reaching out to members to collect payments, for example, organizations can save time by sending mass in-app messages with links to take members directly to a payment page.

Administrators can Enable a Scannable Barcode on the ID Cards

When creating the card design, administrators have the ability to enable a barcode on the ID cards. These barcodes can confirm user credentials, track benefits, track attendance, provide access to or prevent those without credentials from entering facilities and events. The ID Management System can integrate with a barcode scanning software to scan the barcode and track this data.

Having digital membership ID cards as opposed to physical cards can save your organization time and money while continually making it easier for members to access their identification credentials.

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