Digital Identification Cards for your Membership Organization

Replacing plastic membership ID cards with digital cards will save your organization time and money when issuing or replacing cards for your members. Digital membership ID cards make it easier for your members to check into your group events and access group resources.

Organizations can securely issue digital member IDs, group IDs, club IDs, and guest IDs to their members with ID123. A digital ID card will help members securely verify their identity using their mobile devices without having to carry an ID card in their wallet. Also, you can allow your members to create digital ID cards by simply entering data from their plastic IDs into the mobile application. Additionally, you can also send the mobile ID cards via email, which will make the process smoother.

Why digitize your membership ID cards?

digital membership ID card

1. Mobile ID cards are secure:

Digital ID cards are a reliable identification method because they are securely stored on your phone. In order to access them, you need to log in to your account in the mobile application. Also, fingerprint authentication can be used for added security.

2. Cloud-based platform

It is impossible to lose digital ID cards as they are safely stored in the cloud. Even if you lose your device, you can access your cards on a different device.

3. Easy access

Digital ID cards are more convenient than plastic ID cards. Moreover, members can access their membership information anytime, anywhere without having to carry it around physically.

4. Integrate with a barcode scanner system for check-in:

With a digital membership ID card, members can securely check-in for events, control access to specific areas or resources of the organization by simply scanning and validating the barcode on their card.

5. In-app photo submission

Digital photo ID cards are more accurate and up to date as users can take their own picture that can be renewed at any time from the app.

6. Set expiration dates

Digital membership ID cards can have preset expiration dates which can prevent users from taking advantage of the membership privileges after their membership has expired.

7. Issue and manage ID cards remotely:

Your organization can remotely manage all issued cards. You can easily update, remove or temporarily deactivate any ID card online.

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