How to be a Disability A.L.L.Y. with ID123

How to be a Disability Ally

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Author Andrew
Andrew Reed Nov 4, 2021

What is an A.L.L.Y.

The term “ally” according to the Merimna Webster Dictionary means “to join (yourself) with another person, group, etc., in order to get or give support”. While in more recent years the term has been adopted by the LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter, and now the Disabilities Movement to describe a person, not of that demographic who lends support to that group of people. Further, the term “ally” is actually an acronym that stands for the basic principles of being a disability ally (see graphic below).

Be an A.L.L.Y

How do I Become an Ally?

Just by being mindful of those with disabilities, you are already taking the first step toward being a disabilities ally, though it is much more than just being mindful. Being a disabilities ally means taking the time to truly understand the relationship between the way people function and how they go about their lives as contributing member of society. It means identifying barriers that potentially can impact the way people with disabilities live fully independent lives in their communities. By understanding this you can use your personal influence to actively make sure proper policies, accessible programs, and inclusive practices are in place for those with disabilities. By doing so we can ensure everyone has equal opportunity and access to all aspects of everyday life.

ID123 is an Ally

At ID123 we take all these considerations to heart and aim to provide a mobile identification card that is inclusive and accessible to all users. Our digital identification technologies have been designed with this in mind so that its basic functionality is accessible to a wide range of disabilities including vision, mobility, and hearing. We provide compatibility with the most popular accessibility features on both iOS and Android along with our ID Management System. Further, we take the time to listen and understand the needs of our customers while doing our best to implement the feedback we receive into our applications. This permits us to deliver a product that is truly accessible and catered to our customer’s specific needs. As a company, we enable those with disabilities to take part in all aspects of everyday life with a digital ID solution. It is what separates us from other companies and allows us to be an ally to those with disabilities.

Accessibility Compliance

ID123 Enables Your Company to Become an Ally

ID123 has provided a unique opportunity for companies to not only comply with local disabilities laws but simultaneously be allies to those with disabilities. We provide digital credentials to everyone in your organization that are fully accessible and adhere to WCAG 2.0 Level AA. They are actually less expensive and more accessible than standard physical ID cards. Since these cards are digital they are able to be tailored to each individual user’s needs with accessibility features like Voice Control, display setting, and more. Additionally, we provided you with an ID Management System that is also accessible so you can moderate all cards within your system.

By becoming an organization that supports people of all abilities, you can assume some social responsibility and provide the opportunity to people with disabilities to enhance the lives of everyone, including that of your customers and employees. Furthermore, establishing yourself as an inclusive organization only makes you more attractive as a business. According to a 2015 study conducted by Cone Communications, 81% of consumers say they are willing to make personal sacrifices in order to support socially responsible businesses. By becoming an ally you are only including more customers in your consumer basis while making an impact in your community and building consumer trust. ID123 gives you the tools to do this and more.