Online students mobile ID cards

Mobile Student ID Cards for Online Students

Author Alicia
Alicia Bustamante June 25, 2019

Online students deserve student ID cards

Technology has opened a path for people to study from wherever they want. There are millions of online students around the world who are improving their skills, changing careers, or learning a new language online.

Unfortunately, many online students don’t have access to student IDs. Therefore, they may not feel involved with the school, they may not get access to student discounts, and sometimes, schools don’t want to incur with the costs of shipping IDs.

Luckily, with ID123, schools can issue digital student ID cards to mobile devices. Consequently, allowing millions of students to obtain a student ID card.

What are the benefits of mobile student ID cards?

Eliminate shipping costs

Schools can send the digital student ID cards via email through the ID Management System. Afterward, the student will receive the mobile ID card on their email, and with a few clicks, their student ID card will be installed in the ID123 app.

Online students get access to perks and discounts

Students can show their ID cards in stores where student discounts are available, and in locations where the school has partnerships to offer perks and savings to students.

Students feel involved

Issuing student ID cards to online students can increase their feelings of belonging, therefore, enriching and enforcing the school’s community.

Easy to issue with ID123

With the ID Management System, school administrators can issue mobile student ID cards via email, individually or in bulk. With just a few clicks, the digital ID cards will be emailed to students immediately, at no extra cost.

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