Human Rights Policy

Anti-Harassment and Discrimination

Last Modified: June 13th 2018

Policy Statement

ID123 is committed to respectful, equitable service delivery and employment practices. The goal of this Policy is to create a climate of understanding and mutual respect. We condemn harassment, denigration, discriminatory actions, and the promotion of hatred. We will not tolerate, ignore, or condone discrimination or harassment and we are committed to promoting respectful conduct, tolerance and diversity in our organization at all times. All employees are responsible for respecting the dignity and rights of their co-workers and the customers they serve.


This policy applies to all employees, vendors, partners and contractors. If such discrimination and/or harassment occur, the ID123 will take action to ensure a harassment/discrimination-free workplace. The workplace includes all locations (physical & digital) where business or business social activities are conducted. This policy is not intended to interfere with normal social interaction between employees. This Policy is not intended to limit the constructive feedback regarding performance or operational directives provided to employees by their supervisors or managers.

Social Areas & Prohibited Grounds

Every person has a right to equal treatment in employment without discrimination or harassment because of one or more of the following prohibited grounds:

– Race

– Ancestry

– Citizenship

– Creed

– Place of Origin

– Sex

– Skin Color

– Ethnic Origin

– Sexual Orientation

– Gender Identity

– Age

– Pregnancy

– Children

– Political affiliation

– Group or Union Membership

– Family Status

– Marital Status

– Disability

Roles and Responsibilities

All employees have the following general responsibilities with respect to human rights:

  • being familiar with their rights and responsibilities under this policy
  • ensuring behavior is respectful related to all employment activities
  • not engaging in behavior that would constitute discrimination or harassment towards customers and co-workers
  • Immediately reporting incidents of harassment, discrimination, reprisal experienced or witnessed
  • co-operating in good faith in interventions and investigations
  • maintaining confidentiality related to human rights investigations
  • monitoring situations where an incident occurred to ensure the harassment or discrimination does not reoccur
  • educating other employees to ensure they know what constitutes harassment and discrimination
  • reporting all complaints of harassment or discrimination
  • implementing remedies where there are findings of discrimination or harassment


Discrimination is any practice or behavior, whether intentional or not, which has a negative impact on an individual or group because of membership in a protected group (e.g., disability, sex, race, sexual orientation, etc.) or circumstances unrelated to the person’s abilities or the employment. We will make commercially reasonable efforts to meet the special needs of individuals and groups protected by law unless meeting such needs would create undue hardship.


Harassment is a form of discrimination. Harassment can occur between co-workers or between employees and customers. Harassment is engaging in a course of vexatious comment or conduct that is known or ought reasonably to be known to be unwelcome based on one or more of the prohibited grounds and, that a person knows or ought to know would be unwelcome, offensive, embarrassing or hurtful.

Harassment includes:

  • Slurs, insulting gestures, threats, or derogatory remarks;
  • inappropriate jokes, innuendos, name-calling, teasing;
  • displaying pornography, racist or homophobic materials;
  • actions that invade privacy or public humiliation
  • spreading gossip, cyberbullying, retaliation, sabotaging
  • abuse of authority which undermines performance;
  • unwelcome touching, physical assault or sexual assault
  • verbal or e-mail threats and intimidation
  • regular use of abusive language, angry shouting/yelling
  • communication that is demeaning, insulting, humiliating, mocking

Harassment does not include:

  • legitimate performance/probation management
  • appropriate exercise and delegation of managerial authority
  • operational directives
  • a disagreement or misunderstanding
  • conflict or friction between co-workers
  • work related change of location, co-workers, job assignment
  • appropriate discipline
  • less than optimal management
  • rudeness unless it is extreme and repetitive
  • changes in the business environment

Racial Harassment

Racial harassment is harassment on the ground of race, color, ethnic background.

This includes:

  • racial slurs or jokes
  • ridicule, insults or different treatment because of your racial identity
  • posting/e-mailing cartoons or pictures that degrade a persons racial group
  • name-calling because of a person’s race, color, citizenship, place of origin, ancestry, ethnic background or creed

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is harassment on the ground of sex.

This includes:

  • a sexual advance or solicitation from anyone if the person knows or ought to know the advance is unwelcome.
  • sexually suggestive or obscene remarks or gestures
  • unwelcome physical contact or leering,
  • circulation of sexist jokes, cartoons or other objectifying images,
  • negative stereotypical comments based on gender, sex or sexual orientation
  • gender related comments about an individual’s physical characteristics or mannerisms