ID Card Printing Partnerships

How do we partner with ID card printers? #

We are looking to partner with plastic ID card printing companies by providing our digital ID card mobile app as a value add to customers using plastic card printing services. End users can self-issue ID cards by simply downloading the ID123 app on their phone and filling out the information from their plastic ID cards. Card printers can also import user card data to enable an institution to securely issue ID cards using activation codes. In either case, the customer will be able to take their own ID photo using the built-in camera on their phone. Plastic card printing companies can import the data they used to print ID cards and offer the digital version to their customers. They can also generate digital ID cards first and use the app to collect ID photos for the corresponding plastic ID cards.

Frequently Asked Questions #

Q: Does ID123 want to resell physical cards? #

A: No. We do not want to be in the ID card printing business. We are not setup to provide customer support on card printing orders or take questions about physical card design. However, we want all of our partners to be successful. Therefore, we are willing to list our partners on our website to refer our customers to your business. And we expect our partners to do the same for us.

Q: Does ID123 expect a commission for referrals? #

A: No. We do not expect commission from our partners for referrals. We will generate revenue by upselling premium app features and/or integrations to our mutual customers.

Q: Can I offer your app for free to my customers? #

A: Yes. The app is free. We will provide our ID card printing partners with a portal to create accounts. We encourage you to provide ID123 to your customers as a bundle with your physical cards.

Q: Can I sell your app to my customers? #

A: Yes. You can charge your customers for setting up their accounts and/or managing their accounts. If they manage their own accounts, they will be paying us by credit card for any upgrades. If you manage their account, they can either pay us by credit card or we can charge you for any upgrades. We have no commission structure for our partners at this time. You will need to either mark up our rates or add service fees for the services you provide.

Q: Who owns my customer’s account and data? #

A: Your customers will be the rightful owners of their own accounts and the data in those accounts. Our partners who create accounts are the custodians. If a customer requests to disable your access to their account and make themselves the OWNER, we will comply and charge them a small processing fee. If a customer requests to add you as the OWNER to their existing account, we will also comply and charge them a small processing fee. Customers can add or remove USER roles in their account anytime at no charge and is an option to provide you access as well.

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