Digital Bus Pass

Mobile ID Cards as Student Bus Passes:

A Guide For School Administrators

Author Image: Alicia Bustamante
Alicia Bustamante February 25th, 2019

If your school decides to start using digital bus passes, mobile ID cards might be the best fit for your school’s needs. School admins can issue mobile student ID cards via email, set expiration dates, renew, revoke, and manage installed ID cards through the ID Management System (IDMS).

Students can install mobile ID cards on their devices and use them as digital bus passes. This way, incoming students don’t have to wait in long lines to receive their new passes.

Success Story

Trent University in Canada implemented digital bus passes in 2018, read how and why our solution worked for them.

To help school admins with the implementation of digital bus passes for their students, we have put together a step-by-step guide on how to do it with ID123.

How to Implement Mobile ID Cards as Digital Bus Passes:

The following steps will guide you on the implementation of mobile ID cards and digital bus passes.

Step 1 –>Claim your school:

School administrators will search for their institution in our database and fill out their information in the “Claim Institution” form. Our team will process the request and if approved, the administrator will receive access to their school’s ID Management System account. Then, they can begin issuing and managing digital ID cards for their students.

Note: If the school cannot be located, the administrator will be asked to submit our “Add University” or “Add High School” form first. Once the school is added into our database, they can proceed to claim it.

Step 2 – Start using the ID Management System:

Once logged in to their account on the ID management system, school admins can import their students’ information (name, student ID number, major, etc.), customize the background and font colors of their mobile ID cards, set expiration dates, and issue digital ID cards to their students via email. Once the cards are installed, administrators can remotely manage their students’ ID cards. For example, they can renew expired IDs, temporarily deactivate them, or permanently revoke no longer valid ID cards.

Step 3 – Take advantage of the features:

By using mobile ID cards as bus passes, administrators can efficiently distribute them to incoming students. To get the most out of the mobile ID app, check the following features:

Card animation
Hologram Animation:

Bus drivers can determine if the card is not a screenshot. Our mobile IDs have a rotating animation on display that allows drivers to see that the card is active. This way, school admins can prevent non-students from using the school bus.

Automatic Expiration
Automatic Expiration:

When a new semester begins, many students leave. Set an expiration date for when your students will no longer need a digital bus pass. When the expiry date comes, the card will appear as expired on the student’s device.

Deactivate Cards
Deactivate at any time:

Administrators can deactivate digital bus passes at any time. The pass will instantly disappear from the students’ phones, and only the administrator can activate it. They can enable deactivated cards through the ID Management System at any time.

Step 4 – Implement digital bus passes at your school:

Lastly, students have to download the app on their phones, answer security questions that are set by the administrator, add their pass to their phone, and show the digital bus pass to their bus driver. That’s it! Students are all set to enjoy their new digital bus passes!

If you want to learn more about the ID123 digital bus passes, chat with us to schedule a demo.