Digital ID Cards for Students

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Why use digital student ID cards?

Every school admin knows how time-consuming issuing student ID cards can be. Luckily, ID123 has a cloud-based ID management system that allows school admins to customize, issue, and manage digital photo ID cards online. Also, digital student ID cards can be used to digitize bus passes, and take attendance to classes and events.

Customize digital student ID cards

Admins can include their logo, add their school colors, and personalize the font and background colors of the mobile student ID cards.

Issue mobile student ID cards

School administrators can send cards via email, directly to the students’ email inbox, through the ID management system. Students are able to take or upload their own ID photos and the school administrator can approve or deny them based on the school’s requirements.

Manage digital student IDs

The ID management system allows administrators to add security questions, set expiration dates, temporarily deactivate IDs, and revoke IDs that are no longer valid. Furthermore, allowing school admins to have full control over the issued digital photo IDs.

Digitize bus passes

School administrators can issue digital student ID cards as transit or bus passes for their campus shuttle. Therefore, incoming students don’t have to wait in long lines to receive their bus passes when they can access it on their mobile devices.

Take attendance in class and at events

Each digital student ID card comes with a barcode that can be auto-generated. This allows professors to easily take attendance in class and at events by scanning the barcode and having the credentials sync to a third-party attendance tracking system.

What about teachers and parents?

In addition to student ID cards, school admins can issue mobile ID cards to teachers and parents. If preferred by the school administrator, parents can self-issue their digital ID cards by taking their own ID photos and filling out the fields on their new mobile ID cards in the app. School admins can also improve campus safety by issuing temporary digital IDs for meetings and events.

Share your school needs with us

These are some of the ways you can implement digital student ID cards at your school. If you would like to learn more about how to issue and manage digital ID cards with ID123 chat with us and let us know your school needs. We look forward to hearing from you!