Why Use Digital Student ID Cards?

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Digital student ID cards can be used in multiple ways: to track attendance, secure access to floors, classrooms, events, and school resources, issue temporary IDs & guest passes, send SMS notifications about school closings and special events, and more.

Every teacher knows how time-consuming attendance tracking can be. Luckily, the days of taking attendance on a piece of paper or a school computer are over. Schools can now issue digital ID cards to students allowing them to check-in and out of classes automatically using their mobile devices and making attendance less time consuming for teachers. Moreover, in the case of an emergency, a digital student ID card can be used to quickly take attendance and make sure no one is missing.

Professors can use barcode scanners, such as Codereadr, to scan digital student IDs. They can also request newly generated barcodes every day to display them on the classroom monitor. In this case, students will scan the barcode through the ID123 App on their phones or tablets. The ID123 App can also be linked to a Bluetooth beacon which can automatically collect students’ data when they enter a classroom or an event.

Tracking attendance with a digital student ID card:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Works for any group size
  • Less time consuming than any other attendance tracking solution
  • Prevents students from cheating
  • Emergency tracking – quickly take attendance in case of an emergency or a school lockdown
  • Get access to previous attendance records

Digital student ID cards will help your school with access control to events, buildings, and school resources by scanning and validating the barcode with a known database of students and teachers. Setting up your institution with a digital ID card program will also allow you to reach your students in no time in case of school closings or special events by sending SMS notifications to their mobile devices.

April 4th, 2017|ID Cards|