Who We Are

ID123 is the identity app of the future. It was invented by a team of innovative software developers in 2017 to make identity verification fast, convenient, and secure. We offer our digital ID maker to schools, universities, businesses, and other organizations so that they can replace plastic employee ID cards, member IDs, student IDs, and teacher ID cards with mobile digital ID cards. ID123 allows students, employees, and members to self-issue their digital photo ID cards for any institution they are already involved with by digitizing their plastic ID cards. Institutions can control the issuance of digital ID cards by sending unique activation codes to specific recipients to prevent fraudulent ID creation.

Institutions are already taking advantage of the digital ID card App by using ID123 in countless ways, from access control to attendance tracking to lockdown assistance. We innovate and continuously update our app with the latest features to improve user experience. Soon you will be able to open doors, send push notifications, SMS messaging and more!

Our Mission

Our mission is to make identity verification simple by replacing plastic ID cards with digital ID cards and enabling identity credentials to be transmitted securely and validated in ways not possible with physical credentials.

Our Business Model

Our ID Card App is free. We make money by offering businesses and institutions more control over the security and issuance of their ID cards. We also plan to offer premium integrations for attendance and access control.

Working at ID123

Our success depends on the talent and commitment of our employees. Our biggest asset is our diverse team of technical professionals. Interested in joining our team? Email us your resume and tell us why we should hire you.