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Security Information

Encrypted Communications

Transmitting data from the cloud to your device is done over encrypted communication channels to ensure maximum security. Your personal information is encrypted in the cloud to prevent unauthorized access and usage.

Encrypted Cloud Storage & Backups

If you damage or lose your device, you will not lose your digital ID card. You can sign in to your ID123 account on any compatible device and sync your cards. You can also deauthorize your lost device remotely.

Administrators Can Set Security Questions

Institutions can prevent fraudulent ID creation by setting security questions for each ID card. Requiring users to answer security questions as part of the ID card issuance process is one of the tools administrators can use to make sure their issuance process is secure.

Biometric Authentication

Thumbprint authentication lets users sign in and access their IDs quickly and securely without needing to use the 4 digit pin code. Using the thumbprint technology will enable proof of presence when combined with other features such as door unlocking or attendance tracking.

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