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Changing Card Template Permissions

Step 1: Log in to your IDMS account and click the blue icon under the Permissions column on the Card Templates page.

Step 2: From here you can change the template status from Draft to Approved. Once the template status is Approved, you can change its App Visibility. This determines whether the template is visible in the app search.

Option 1– Choosing Hidden means users will not be able to see the template when they search for your institution in the app. Choosing Visible means your template will be displayed when users search for your institution in the app. If you choose ‘Hidden’ there are no further steps necessary and you can click ‘Save.’

Option 2– If you set your App Visibility to Visible, you can determine your user’s installation options. Users can install their ID cards by either Email Invite Only or App Search & Email Invite. Email Invite Only requires users to receive an email invitation to install their ID cards. App Search & Email Invite allows users to install their ID cards directly in the app or by an email invitation. Choose your card installation option and click ‘Save.’

If you have any other questions regarding Card Template Permissions, do not hesitate to chat with us!




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