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Moderating Card Data & Photos

Step 1: From your ID Management System account, click on the “Card Moderation” tab.

Step 2: On the Card Moderation page, choose the template and click “Moderate”.

Step 3: On the Card moderation Panel, you can see your “Pending” cards. You can start approving/denying data by clicking “Approve” or “Deny” or you can mark it “Review Later”.

Step 3A: You can compare old card data with newly submitted card data by clicking “Compare” before approving.

Step 3B: Compare old card data with newly submitted card data.

Step 4: If the new card data meets all of your requirements, you can approve the card by clicking “Approve”.

Step 5: When denying card data, you can include a message for users to know why you rejected it.

Step 6: The “Notify Users” feature allows you to notify app users of your decision via email.

Step 6A: Unselect the “Notify Users” button if you don’t want to notify users regarding the approval or denial of their cards.

If you have any other questions regarding Card Moderation, please do not hesitate to chat with us!




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