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Invite Card User API V2

Invite Card User API V2 Introduction

This API is used to send card invitations by email. End users who receive this email will be able to install the digital ID card on their mobile device after installing the mobile application. The email will contain the custom text that was saved with the card template as well as two buttons “Download the app” and “Install my card”. End-users can install the card instantly if they already have the app installed. If they have not downloaded the app, there are links to the app store included in the email so they can download the app.

The API request must be called once for each invitation email to be sent. In the request, card-template-id and card-id are required. The card-template-id is a template id reference and card-id is the unique card id reference to identify which card will be installed. There are two optional fields of invitation-expiration and recipient-email. Expiration time is the time after which the invitation will expire. If expiration-time is not provided, default expiration time will be 1 year from the time the email is sent. The recipient-email is the email of the end user to which invitation will be sent. If it is not provided in the API call, card-recipient email address which is set in card-data will be used. If there is no email recipient in the API request or imported in the existing card-data then the API call will be rejected.

Request Format

POST /api/v2/ HTTP/1.1
Host: secure-{REGION}.id123.io
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 252

   "action”: ”card-invitation",
   "card-template-id": "CARD_TEMPLATE_ID",
   "card-id": "CARD_ID",
   "recipient-email": "RECIPIENT EMAIL",
   "invitation-expiration": "2020-07-16T23:50:30+05:30",//EXPIRATION TIME
   "type": "email" // Optional. Default: "email" : Currently only email type is supported for invitation

Success Response

    "status": "success",
    "code": "SUCCESS CODE",
    "message": "SUCCESS MESSAGE",
    "card-template-id": "e27c55bb690654e4b9dc18e7e9ea146b1b76eb4d",
    "card-id": "8462a165-ae28-4644-8904-cd4de96f53e9"

Failure Response

    "status": "failure",
    "code": "ERROR CODE",
    "message": "ERROR MESSAGE",
    "card-id": "CARD_ID”,
    "card-template-id":  "CARD_TEMPLATE_ID"




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