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Knowledge Base

Adding Card Records One by One

IMPORTANT! Before adding card data, please ensure you’ve designed your card template beforehand.

Step 1: Log in to your IDMS account and click “Card Records” under the Digital ID Cards Menu.

Step 2: From the Card Records page, click “View Record(s)”.

Step 3: On the Card Record Dashboard page, click “Add Card Record”.

Step 4: Enter the details to be displayed on the card, as well as the security questions users must answer before the card can be installed.
Photo (Optional) – You can upload a photo of your user.
Card ID – A custom ID used to identify each record in the template.
Front Fields – All the fields that will appear on the front of the cards.
Barcode – Add a value that will be displayed when the barcode is scanned.
Unique Identifier – A unique ID used for security to verify user identity before creating a card, such as an email address or ID number.
Security Questions – Additional security questions that will be used to verify user identity before ID card creation.
Expiration Settings – Enter the date and time when you want the user’s card to expire.
Recipient Email Address – The email address of the user where the card email invitation will be sent.

Step 5: When finished, click on “Add Card”.

That’s all it takes to add card data one by one! If you still have questions regarding adding data to your ID Management System, do not hesitate to chat with us!



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